serviettes de massage ayurvédique
soins ayurvédique visage
Massage du dos, les jambes, avec pieds / tête
tampons chauds avec vertus tonifiants et détoxifiants ayurvéda

Ayurvedic Massage

Traditional Indian millennial massage is a balancing, de-stressing and detoxifying wellness massage.

The benefits of Ayurvedic massage * are multiple. First of all it is a holistic massage, taking into account the being in its totality.

  • strengthens the immune system
  • relaxes the body and mental activity
  • reduces fatigue and exhaustion
  • stimulates and invigorates
  • has a draining effect
  • soothes pains
  • relaxes the nervous system.

The “ABHYANGA” massage is performed on a massage table with heated organic sesame oil. The movements are fluid and sometimes more supported on the meridians (subtle channels that distribute energy in the body and the nervous system), which allows balancing of the body and emotions.

Massages / Ayurvedic treatments are beneficial for the body, the heart and the mind find serenity and harmony.

*Ayurveda = Life Science of India.


 Abhyanga 1 H  / 70 Euros

Body massage on both sides, feet, head or arm at your convenience.


Abhyanga 1H30  / 90 Euros

Body massage of both sides, sides, arms, feet, head and face.


Partial Abhyanga 30 minutes / 40 Euros

Back massage, legs, with feet / head


Abhyanga Prénatal* :

The benefits of Ayurvedic massage for the future mother are innumerable. Already, it is to make her aware of the importance of body contact for herself and for the unborn child. The massage soothes the nervous system, improves sleep, gives renewed energy and reduces fatigue and weariness.

It promotes blood circulation, decreases swelling relieves back and legs, which are highly stressed at this time due to the change in weight gain and postural change.
He prepares the future mother for a harmonious birth. The touch is very light and some areas are preferred depending on the period of pregnancy. Massage is recommended during the second and third trimester.

Gentle exercises like yoga, are also recommended during pregnancy, with the proper postures and breaths are very effective in maintaining energy flow throughout the body.

Postnatal Abhyanga* :

It is said in Ayurveda that the 40 postnatal days impact the next 40 years of the young mother. Hence the importance of taking care of yourself at this time of year.

Massage is recommended 2-3 weeks after delivery. In case of a caesarean section, the scar must be properly closed. It is best to seek the advice of your doctor or midwife. Postnatal massage promotes a better recovery of the young mother by reducing stress, the baby blues after this emotional and physical upheaval.

It relieves, purifies the body, reshapes the silhouette and promotes the production of breast milk.
It is a real relaxation for the young mother and it will allow her to be more present for her baby.

* Prenatal and/or Postnatal Massage Rates
1h – 65 Euros / package 5 sessions pre or postnatal : 290 Euros
1h30 – 85 Euros / package 5 sessions pre or postnatal : 390 Euros
Package 10 sessions / 1 offered



45 min – 55 Euros /  3 sessions – 150 Euros / 6 sessions – 280 Euros

Exfoliating, draining and detoxifying massage with chickpea flour. This treatment increases blood circulation and fights cellulite.
A valuable ally if you are on a diet to promote weight loss; focus on those parts of the body that need to be drained.

It is recommended to do a series of 3/6 sessions over 1/2 month.


Shakti 1H40 – 110 Euros

Warm tampons massage with toning and detoxifying properties, followed by an Abhyanga massage with organic sesame oil.

Plan to book at least 72 hours in advance.


Ethics and commitment

  • The treatments are not erotic in nature and are not sexual practices
  • It is not about medical, paramedical or physiotherapy massages but about wellness techniques
  • The treatments are not a substitute for medical treatment.
  • The treatments take place in a space of benevolence and non-judgment